Aelena Soleil "Sol" Magranice was a deutragonist before Theo Corkman replaces her in Mockingsorrow series.


Her inspiration is little of Chara from Undertale and mostly Elsa from FROZEN.



Her name was a Japanese name Ayaki Motoharu before renamed. She used to be Naruto OC with her Kekkei Genkai, Ice. She was Motoharu clan from Konohagakure. Her stats total on third is 29 (In Shippuden). 




Due to her physical appearance, she is tall, fair-skinned to pale. She has alice blue eyes and shoulder-length hair with side bangs framed to the left. She has large breast and her hips isn't that very wide.


  • She was 
  • She seems little similar traits to Chara even characteristic about her
    • Both of them have a same opposite (Ayaki is Chara and Heather is Frisk )

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